The Story

It started with a need for the survivors. How could we provide them a space to dream, a space to begin to explore their wildest hopes and wishes?

Our experts told us how important it was to help the women dream again, to imagine what their life could be with nothing holding them back. More than 48 million people are currently enslaved in our world. Most of them can’t imagine a life outside of the one that they are in. With your purchase of Uncaged’s Dream Journal, we can continue the fight against human trafficking through rescue, after-care treatment, and prevention trainings. On top of that, with each purchase of a dream journal, a survivor will receive her own journal to start writing the story of her new chapter.

Our Dream Journal highlights the story of Michaela, a survivor who never thought she could dream as big as she did. After reentering society, she was content at a job that kept her busy and gave her a purpose every day. Through a conversation with Uncaged’s Founder, Kim Westfall, Michaela revealed a hidden passion for sewing. She couldn’t envision where she is now; resilient, successful, a business owner. Her path into sewing was a dream she hid inside of her that’s now expanded her whole world.

We hope you use this journal to explore your own "what if’s". The journal is intended for you to write down all those dreams hidden inside of you. Included are a few guided prompts to begin your dreaming.

There are endless possibilities out there for the survivors, and for you.